Manifestation For Lazy People

I have always been quite a dreamer. Ever since I was a little kid my imagination was running wild. Now as I grow older, I find myself often dreaming about my future life, about events I want to experience and about feelings I want to feel. I dream about it all. Not a long time ago I’ve come to realize  that maybe I can turn this dreams into real manifestations. I am sure you’ve all heard about the Law of attraction.

Law of attraction has definitely become quite a popular trend in the last few years. I am so beyond grateful for this trend (okay calling it a trend is kind of offensive) because it is so positive and so real that it has been working to my advantage even when I wasn’t aware of it. One of the big thing for me is writing (obviously), when I write something down it helps me visualize everything so much more vividly, thus it helps those words on paper become reality one day (it happened to me even with the smallest things I wrote down.). Another big thing for me is vision board. I loooove, love, love looking at pretty pictures, so one day I said to myself; why not turn looking and spending hours on end on Instagram, into something actually useful for myself. So now every time I see a picture of something I want in my life I screenshot it and I put it on my Pinterest in my Vision board section. I call this technique, a vision board for lazy people (like me) who don’t want to spend time printing pictures out and putting them on a real board (though I really have to do this one day).

I know this can sound pretty crazy, but it costs nothing to try it out. The worst that can happen is that you will have your own small platform where you can revisit your dreams and the best thing is that it could actually change your life. So here is the example of things I want in my life:



  • industrial looking penthouse with a balcony and a gallery, a cozy place where I can read and chill with my dog(s), published book(s), a bernese mountain dog, a van life experience, financial stability, big long hair, for my baby to open a bar, booty everywhere, life in Canada and just overall lots of traveling with my love, my family and my friends, lots of laughter, good food, great sex and adventures that follow a great, healthy and happy life. 🙂

“I am successful in all areas of my life, and every day, in every way, I get better and better.” – Unknown


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