People You Don’t Need

In life there will always be those people who will drag you down even though it feels like they lift you. People who will take every single part of you until you just become this empty shell of a human. They give you only a small dosage of happy memories and you will see them as your saviors when in reality they are the thieves of your time and your happiness. This is not because they are bad people, it is because they need you to care for them, to feel for them, they need your attention and comfort and they will take it whenever they feel like it, leaving you without any of it when you need it. But guess what, those things, that care, love, attention and comfort, those are the things you need to start giving to yourself, because you’ve already gave so much to others.

The reason I wrote this is because sometimes we do not see when someone is using us to make themselves feel better. Maybe that is not on purpose and I think I am also responsible for using other people too sometimes. But no matter on what side of this coin are you, you need to realize that at the end of it all it is important that you are a good person. Just love the people you love, give them your time and stop taking or giving it to someone who was not right for you in a first place.

Featured image credit: Desenio

“An open enemy is better then a false friend.”

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