Summertime Vibes, Summertime Sadness


Summertime. The time many people consider to be their favorite. You can feel its summer when the night air becomes humid and when the temperature rises to almost unbearable heights. You know its summer by the sound of music that elongates into the night and by the ice clicking in the glass while sun reflects on it. You can find summer in yourself too. That sweet taste of wild freedom that overcomes you, the vibe that makes you feel more alive then usual and you just want to ride that vibe forever. Boys start wearing their white, slightly unbuttoned shirts and girls their breezy flower dresses and so… the passion overtakes the air.

To me, there is no better time then summertime. I get to go places that are waiting whole year around. I get to soak my face into the cold blue sea and lay on the sun while salt is nibbling my body. There is book in my hands or earplugs in my ears and the stress is gone. When the night comes I dress up and dance till the dawn while sweet alcohol runs through my veins. I’m happy and I’m confident. There is nothing that can really touch me because I know it’s all temporarily. I know that those few warm months have expiration date so I feel like I have to make the best out of them.

When the summer is over and I come home, almost depression like sadness overcomes me. City lights overshadow those stellar nights and so I miss my wild, careless self. Home stayed the the same and monotony awaits me. People get back to their work and their studies and complain how time went by to fast. And so we all wait… we wait for the next thing that will rise our feels without realizing that maybe, just maybe we can bring those feels into every day of ours. Who says that we can’t feel wild and free all the time. Who says that we are almost restricted to those few months of happiness, to just few passing moments? Who says that there is no time to make every day count? To make every day worth?

Here and now I encourage you, whoever is reading this, to just remember that time when you’ve felt truly happy and utterly carefree. I encourage you to ask yourself why cannot I feel this way all the time? And yes, I know, easier said then done right? Because life gets hard and stress gets harder, but our mind, our mind is stronger then all of that. So why don’t we just try to be more positive about simple life joys, not just those big, predictable joys that everyone can feel and everyone can see. Maybe I’m crazy for thinking this is possible, but I’m sure not crazy for hoping that it actually is.

“It’s easy to forget now, how effervescent and free we all felt that summer.” – Anna Godbersen


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